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ETG = electro tricho genesis

What is ETG?
- Electrical frequencies are effective in stimulating healing responses and growth certain parts of the body.
- Involves the non-invasive stimulation of hair follicles on the scalp by the positive influence of an electrostatic field.
- No direct contact between the hood of the ETG device and the scalp of the patient.
- Energy is delivered passively to the scalp by a low frequency, low intensely electrostatic pulse used to stimulate the scalp with very limited tissue penetration.

Why ETG?
- Most effectively clinically proven non-surgical treatment for hair loss.
- 96,7% of treatment subjects exhibited regrowth or no further hair loss.
- Effective in the prevention of chemotherapy-related hair loss.
- Safe - no side effects have been documented in over the 10 years of clinical experience.
- A non invasive option.
- Non drug.
- Non surgical.
- Medical option.
- Clinically preoven response to continued excessive hair loss.

Patients will receive ETG treatment once or twice, weekly. Positive response usually observed within 12-24 weeks, and treatments must be continued weekly to maintain the beneficial response. The standard protocol involves a 36 weeks schedule, which entails one treatment per week with the exception of weeks 1,2,17,18,33 and 34 in which 2 sessions are required.

96,7% scientific proof: not just promises

No Drugs, No Herbs, No Side Effects.
ElectroTrichoGenesis (ETG) is a US$ 15 million science published
and discussed in leading medical journals.
For the first time in Indonesia, ETG is now available.

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